DNMS for Clinicians

Are you ready to:

  • Better serve your clients by diversifying your clinician toolbox

  • Be on the cutting edge of mental health modalities and hone in on a skillset that very few mental health professionals currently possess

  • Grow professionally while helping others be the best versions of their adult selves 

  • Become more successful all while fulfilling your professional purpose

If so, then you're in the right place. I invite you to attend my Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy training webinar.

But what is DNMS?

The DNMS is a multidimensional, comprehensive, strengths-based, client-centered, ego-state therapy developed by Shirley Jean Schmidt, MA, LPC.


It’s informed by ego-state theory, developmental psychology, self-reparenting therapy, attachment theory, EMDR therapy, and an understanding of mirror neurons.


The DNMS addresses unwanted behaviors, beliefs, emotions, and urges rooted in unmet emotional needs from childhood trauma and attachment wounds.


It’s based on 2 important ideas:

  1. Childhood trauma wounds form when safety needs are not met well. This occurs when bad things happen – like a tornado, hurricane, or school shooting. Attachment wounds form when emotional needs are not met well. This occurs when important good things do not happen – like parents failing to make a loving connection, soothe painful emotions, or attune. When parents are physically abusive or threatening, they inflict both trauma and attachment wounds.

  2. When we’re significantly wounded in childhood, child parts of self get stuck in time. From then on, those wounded child parts feel hurt, powerless, alone, and lost. They hold negative, untrue beliefs about self and world. Reminders of a painful past can trigger a flood of overwhelming emotions, evoking a felt sense that the past is still happening now. Some child parts manage those painful emotions with troubling behaviors – like overeating, starving, withdrawing, gambling, or drinking.

The DNMS helps heal childhood trauma and attachment wounds by meeting the needs of wounded child parts to help them get unstuck from the past. It starts with mobilizing a team of loving internal Resources.


The Resources join the therapist in providing all the emotional support, compassion, empathy, and radical acceptance wounded parts needed in childhood but didn’t get.


They’re gently given all the information they need to come out of the past and into the safety of the present moment.


As more and more wounded parts heal, unwanted behaviors, beliefs, emotions, and urges diminish.


Internal conflicts fade out and self-esteem grows.


All this makes it easier to handle the stresses of life with adult skills and strengths.


To learn more, watch the video below.


Amy is a knowledgable, kind and patient teacher.  Her explanation of how to develop and access support from inner resources has given me a practical tool that I use in my daily life and I also share this information with my clients.  I would recommend her courses to anyone wanting to have a stronger sense of self, confidence, and ways of centring oneself when there is chaos either internally or externally.

Tammy Van Hinte, MA, RCC
Conflict Options Counselling

Victoria, BC, Canada

I first met Amy Blake when we took part in the Couples Institute Master Mentor program in 2016 and she has remained an important person in my life through our ongoing participation in a therapist peer group so I feel confident to speak about Amy on both a character and a professional level. 

As a therapist, Amy is vastly skilled and experienced, and she is dedicated to being a true master therapist. Amy's breath of knowledge is amazing. She is the person I consistently turn to for guidance and support on my most difficult challenges.

On a personal level, Amy is warm, witty and great fun. Her joie de vivre makes her a delight to be with, as does her compassion and integrity. I am so glad to have Amy in my life!

Nancy St. John, MIACP

Couples Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer

Offaly, Ireland


I specialize in helping people make transformational change.


In my 30+ years of experience working as a therapist, I have trained extensively in various approaches to successfully help both individuals and couples, and now I want to help you do the same! 

As a professional coach, I offer training, consultation, and mentorship to help you improve your clinical skills in working with trauma, unmet developmental needs, and/or couples. 

 I want to help your grow your practice and thrive!